Security Dogs

Our security dogs and patrol dogs are trained based on our clients needs. The minimum standard for a Dog Handler is DH2. But the handler must be certified up to the level of the dog, to be able to legally handle such a dog. We provide a kennel which exceeds the expected requirements, Sleep space, water bowl, Food bowl, leash and collar. Regular inspections will be done on site. The client will also be helped to acquire a PAPA license for the site on which the dog(s) are kept.

What Do Security Dogs Do?

A guard dog or watchdog is a dog used to guard property against, and watch for, unwanted or unexpected human or animal intruders. The dog is discerning so that it does not annoy or attack the house resident people.

A little bit of History about Security Dogs.

The use of dogs as guardians is well known since ancient times. The Romans used to put mosaics (Cave canem mosaics) at the entrance of the houses to warn visitors and intruders of the presence of dangerous dogs at the property.

One of the first dog types used as guardians were the ancestral mastiff-type landraces of the group known as Livestock guardian dogs which protected livestock against large predators such as wolves, bears and leopards. Orthrus is a famous example of a livestock guardian dog from the Greek mythology known for guarding Geryon’s red cattle.

Some ancient guard dogs in more urban areas, such as the extinct bandogges, were chained during the day and released at night to protect properties, camps and villages.

What dogs we use for patrols

  • Rottweilers
  • German Shepherd
  • Dutch Shepherd 
  • Malinois


When dogs are not trained, they won’t necessarily exhibit the controlled behaviors required for effective security and patrol duties. Proper training and certification are essential to ensure these breeds fulfill their roles as vigilant protectors of your property.

Best Breeds to be a Security Dog.

Many currently prominent guard dogs started as general purpose farm dogs, but gradually developed into guard breeds. Some dog breeds such as the Dobermann and the Brazilian Dogo were carefully developed from the beginning for guard duty.

Guard dogs are not restricted to mastiffs. Other dogs, like some shepherd dogs, spitz dogs, cattle dogs and some catch dogs are also great guard dogs as well as being useful as multifunctional dogs, acting as attack dogs, personal protection dogs, police dogs, sport dogs such as schutzhund dogs, etc.

Guard dog breeds tend to be territorial, averse to strangers, dominant, and protective and loyal with family. The Fila brasileiro for example has a reputation for being very intolerant of strangers and guests to the home and property. Other fierce guard dogs include breeds and landraces of the Ovtcharka type and other farm guard dogs such as the Boerboel.

Some breeds who make excellent guards are more commonly having breed specific legislation passed against them, banning them from some communities and whole countries.

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