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At Tackle Hoff K9, we excel in training and supplying top-tier security dogs to the Police, Security Companies and Investigation Units. Experience safety with us.

our story

Passion for Canines, Excellence in Training

Tackle Hoff K9 is a company run by Gawie and Linda Engelbrecht. We have been training dogs for more than 13 years through our passion for K9’s.
Tackle Hof Trading (Trading as Tackle Hoff K9) was founded in 2014 by Gawie and Linda Engelbrecht. Gawie and Linda are passionate about dogs, and this love for canines is complimented by a high drive for success.

Located in Stoffberg, Mpumalanga where the highveld meets the lowveld. With beautiful surroundings and loads of space to train, Tackle Hoff K9 lives out their passion for working dogs.

Additionally, Tackle Hoff K9 has found a home in Cape Town, Western Cape. Breathtaking views and mountains make for a perfect location to take care and train working dogs.

We supply dogs to well-known security companies, export and we have clients in Africa.

Mission & Objectives

Driven by Excellence

Our Mission

Tackle Hoff K9’s mission is to deliver high drive green and trained dogs to the client’s needs. Rent out a quality working dog. As well as to accredit a better SASSETA trained dog handler.

Our Objective

We strive to be your preferred supplier for security rental dogs, trained dogs, green dogs and dog handler training.

Professional Training

Unlock Your Canine Potential

At Tackle Hoff K9, we offer comprehensive SASSETA Dog Handler training up to DH5, specializing in Tracking and Detection. Our SASSETA certificate is NQF (National Qualifications Framework) based and holds international recognition. It’s also eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) if you require a PSIRA certificate.


DH1 – Care for a service dog: (3 days)


DH2 – Handle a trained service dog to deter crime: (3 days)


DH3 – Supervise kennel Practices: (3 days)


DH4 – Handle a patrol dog to assist in searching for and apprehension of a suspect: (3 days)


DH5 – (Tracking) Utilize a tracker dog to follow a human scent trail: (5 days)


DH5 – (Detection) Handle a trained sniffer dog to assist in the detection of substances: (10 days)

Expert Services

Our Canine Solutions



Our patrol dogs are trained based on our clients needs. The minimum standard for a Dog Handler is DH2. But the handler must be certified up to the level of the dog, to be able to legally handle such a dog. We provide a kennel which exceeds the expected requirements, Sleep space, water bowl, Food bowl, leash and collar. Regular inspections will be done on site. The client will also be helped to acquire a PAPA license for the site on which the dog(s) are kept.
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detection dogs

detection DOGS

We sell green-dogs and trained detection dogs. We can train for any substance or desired scent. Such as citrus, nuts, coper, endangered species, narcotics, explosives ect.
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tracking DOGS

tracking DOGS

We put hours into training our Tracking dogs. From tracking through drive to article-identification on tracks. What ever suits the clients needs. Make sure to put on your tekkies, they can really track.
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We also take in and train private client’s dogs. For any training wanted. From personal protection, tracking, obedience and problem solving.

Client Feedback

What Our Clients Say

Discover why our clients trust us for top-quality canine solutions.

I had many options of training courses at other training centers before I chose the Dog Handler Training course at Tackle Hoff K-9. Their response and information about Tackle Hoff K-9 and my interest to do DH3 training. There for I chose to join Tackle Hoff K-9, I was contacted via email and short after we had a date for our training session and finally, I was ready to take the next step to improve my skills in the security industry as a Dog Handler. I’ve worked with dogs for some time in the past at a Security company so I wanted to make sure the course fit my experience level. (I had no idea how much I had yet to learn.) I already own a canine at home so I knew more or less about dogs. My experience in the security industry through out the years also helped in most parts of the courses. Linda and Gawie is a wealth of information and experience for their dog training students. During our training (and the best part of the program, in my opinion) she could easily solve most, training or dog business questions that I asked. She knows what works, what doesn’t and why. This course has given me the tools to be the Dog Handler I always thought I could be. I’m definitely doing my DH4 and DH5 at Tackle Hoff K-9. And will always recommend Tackle Hoff K-9 to my friends and future dog handlers.

Clifford Walker Graskop